Help – FAQ

What is Grabbit?

Why do we exist?

Our Mission – is to make deliveries affordable and quick for everyone and everywhere.

Grabbit matches people who need products with people who can grab them. We believe that the power of people can solve issues in getting everyday products everywhere and consequently, benefit environment and people.


What is the story behind Grabbit?

Moving from Italy to the UK and having no car and family to ask for a help, it was stressful and sometimes impossible to get the needed products quick. Especially, if you are not living in central London. So the question was: Why cannot someone out there just pick something up for me?


Using Grabbit

How does Grabbit work?

Really simple – Download the app from the App store and see if your city or town is listed. Top up your digital wallet and select store and products you need. Within a few minutes a shopper in your area will pick up your request and deliver it to wherever you want.


What kind of stores are listed on Grabbit?

All main stores from your area. But remember, we do not have any partnerships with stores. Therefore, if you have any particular store requests (or are you a store?) then just message us on the live chat or an e-mail at


How do we deliver?

It is up to the shopper. We do not impose any particular vehicles for deliveries. However, as shoppers are always near you they usually deliver by foot or bike. Sharing the trip to the grocery, even by car, is what we love. We love and respect the environment.

Why don’t we accept cash?

Ever been in situations like: ‘Oh! I don’t have the exact amount on me. Can I pay you later?’ Card payments and our digital wallets and ensures the shopper always receives the money and the client can get it back if anything goes wrong with the order.


Do I have to tip?

That is absolutely up to you. Our shoppers appreciate a good tip and will definitely be grateful for it. We do not get any tip but the tip will 100% go to your shopper. So if your shopper is doing well then why not giving him a small tip?


Is there a minimum order amount?

Absolutely not. In need for just one product? No problem!


Do you charge the same prices as stores?

Yes. The prices you see on the productlist are estimated prices. It is the budget you are giving to your shopper. But don’t worry, the difference between what the shopper actually pays and those estimated prices will go back into your digital account. You just pay the delivery fee on top of your shopping, nothing more!



Being a shopper

How can I sign up to be a shopper?

Very simple! Just download the app, register as shopper and upload your ID. Our administration will check your credentials and authorize you within 24hours.


What do I need to do to start getting jobs?

Once your profile is active, just press the ‘change availability’ button into ‘available for jobs’. That’s it! You are now resulting available and your phone will start pinging with requests!

Just keep in mind that if you click back to the client profile, you won’t result being available anymore. Always keep your profile with the shopper label in red (and the status: available for jobs) whenever you want to take jobs.


Do I need to schedule my availability?

You are your own boss and you can always decide when you want to be available for jobs. Change your availability whenever you want and make sure your profile is aligned with what you want to be: available or not available. That is the question.



Questions about the order

What if something goes wrong?

If it is a no show, a missing product or whatever reason should make the delivery go wrong, we can solve it! Use the help button to our Live chat on the App for any problem or e-mail us at

But don’t worry! Thanks to our flexible system we can always help find another shopper to get your product and thanks to the digital wallet system your money is always secured from Paypal and us.


What if the shopper does not turn up, do I lose my money?

The digital wallet system via Paypal always ensures the money does not leave the system. Therefore, if anything goes wrong the money can simply go back into your wallet. Relax and let Grabbit sort it out.


What if I am not around when my delivery arrives?

Please let us immediately know on our live chat or e-mail address Our shoppers will try to call you and we believe you will be able to find a solution. If the shopper or one of our customer service team won’t be able to get hold of you, our shopper will wait 5-10 minutes to then leave for the following order.